Write To Heal

“I write to unite all that has crumbled inside me."




Do I need to be a writer to attend this event?

Nope! Write to Heal workshops are for everyone! If you are a writer or an aspiring author, this workshop is certainly for you, and can help you start to shape your memoir or next book. The Write to Heal workshop can help you work through any writer's block or help you think about different perspectives that will enhance your character building skills.

If you are not a writer nor do you wish to be one, this workshop is also for you! The purpose of Write to Heal is NOT to come out of the event with a book, part of a book, or even a book idea. The idea is to use writing as a tool, as a coping mechanism, and as a way to find clarity on your journey. You don't have to be a writer to use writing to meet all of your goals this year! In fact, we've done the research and we know the psychology behind the writing process and exactly how it can help you no matter what your goals are!


What is included in the price of the event?

Write to Heal is a three-hour event that includes a keynote speech, open discussion and participation, and then the workshop of activities. You will also receive a copy of Amanda's book, Blue Rooms, a copy of Jordan's book, Write it Out, as well as a copy of any guest speaker's book (That's THREE books!). Plus, we'll have snacks and cocktails available at every event as well as journals and pens for you to use!


Do I have to speak out or share if I attend?

No way. Anyone is more than welcome to attend without participating at all. All participation in the workshop is entirely voluntary, and we'll never call you out. Us introverts totally understand wanting to silently absorb an experience, and you have the freedom to do that at every Write to Heal workshop!


Will there be guest speakers at each event?

Mostly, yes. Sometimes, no. We love to theme our workshops so that we offer the opportunity for people to have different kinds of conversations, and at most of our events, we'll have an awesome guest speaker whose expertise fits the theme. But every once in a while, Amanda and Jordan like to host a workshop on their own and dig in and get real about themselves with the community!


Can I attend more than one workshop in the same city? are they the same every time?

Every Write to Heal workshop is unique and different, with different guest speakers and topics, so you can definitely attend more than one in your city and have a new experience each and every time!


Will this event be emotionally tough?

Maybe. We want you to know that writing to heal doesn't mean that we want you to drudge up painful things in your past and go through feeling tough emotions all over again. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We teach you ways to create distance between yourself and the tough stuff so that you can objectively view the blockages you have, grapple with them in a constructive way, and move forward. We aren't all sitting in a room crying and passing tissues. We're uplifting one another by providing some great tools! But, if you do cry, that's totally okay too! It's good to feel your emotions as they come up. So whatever this workshop looks like for you, is what it looks like for you, and there will be no judgments about that!