Amanda Filippelli

Co-FOUNDER & host

AMANDA FILIPPELLI is an internationally recognized editor, writer, and book coach. She started her career as an associate editor for the Oyez Review in Chicago, and has studied under a number of industry titans, including Stuart Dybek and Melissa Pritchard. An award-winning writer herself, Amanda has done it all from freelance to copyediting to content editing to ghostwriting and book coaching, and as Editor-in-Chief for One Idea Press, she helps authors realize their true voice. Amanda is also the host of Write to Heal workshops, where she helps people connect and heal through the power of storytelling. Before becoming a professional writer, Amanda worked in the mental healthcare system for ten years, teaching adolescent survivors of trauma how to take control of their narrative. Amanda continues this work through her writing, workshops, and as a publisher. In her spare time, you can find Amanda orating book clubs, hosting writer’s workshops and conferences, bird watching, and eating avocados. Find out more or connect with Amanda at


Jordan Corcoran

Co-FOUNDER & host

JORDAN CORCORAN is the founder of Listen Lucy, an online anonynmous blog for people to share their stories. Jordan created the Listen, Lucy community as a place to express yourself freely, creatively and anonymously to find comfort in seeing you are not alone. Nationally recognized motivational speaker, mental health advocate and author, Jordan is a Mercyhurst College graduate with a story to share. During her freshman year, she was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. After going through a difficult struggle with coming to terms and learning to cope, Jordan created an outlet where people can openly and candidly share their own personal challenges and struggles.

Now Jordan’s time is spent touring around the country speaking to college, high school and middle school students about her story and the importance of acceptance - of others and of yourself. She is the author of Listen, Lucy Volume 1, has been featured on and UpWorthy for her self-love campaigns and was a keynote speaker at NAMI and other mental health organizations. This past year, she filmed The Acceptance Movement, a docu-series that showcases her speaking to 10 schools and organizations in the US and revealing the powerful impact Listen, Lucy can have on an individual. Her mission is simple: she wants to create a less judgmental and more accepting world.